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There is so much information on the Internet about World War II, the 8th Air Force, aircraft, etc., that we couldn't possibly list--or even find--every site that might be of interest. Here are just of few of the worthwhile sites we have looked at:

NEW link! Kilroy Was Here
Unknown stories and forgotten places. WWII & Korean war Secrets. Unknown stories revealed & places rediscovered. Personal stories of combat & home front, legends, Gremlins and foofighters.

B-17 Sam
B-17 and B-24 information "slapped together" by World War 2, 8th Air Force, B-17 navigator SAM HALPERT, 91st Bomb Group, 324th Squadron, (home of the Memphis Belle). Great site, lots of pictures!

The Mighty 8th Air Force Heritage Museum
About the museum, extensive history of the 8th AF, information about exhibits and events, resources (links to other sites), news, online store

Minnesota Air Guard Museum
General information about the Minnesota Air Guard Museum

Wings and Prayers
Army Air Force in WWII, units and associations, aircraft resources

Mighty 8th Air Force Message Board
A public forum for posting messages, making contacts, and searching for information

U.S. Army Air Forces in WWII
Reference materials, military records, AAF organizations, reunions and conventions, aircraft archives, the 8th Air Force and the 9th Air Force

Army Air Forces Historical Association
Oral histories, events, organizations, books, links to other sites

Message boards, aviation links, aviation art, Warbird images, Friends of the Aces, more

Links to Bomb Groups and Squadrons
Warbirds Resource Group is devoted to the dissemination of information relating to historical military Aviation.
(For links to bomb groups of our members, see Bomb Groups.)

Times A-Wastin'
Dedicated to those who flew with Triangle A of the 91st Bomb Group (H). Created by Gary Hall as a memorial to his grandfather, St. Edgar L. Harrell.

The Eighth Air Force Historical Society (National)
History of 8th Air Force, aircraft groups, message boards, and more.

U.S. Air Force Military Heritage Database
Personal information and military records (obtain info/add info)

The Heavy/Very Heavy Bombardment Groups of USAAF in WWII
AAF bomber units, AAF airfields, AAF history, AAF dictionary, message boards, resources and mailing lists, aircraft locator, tail markings, gift shop, decals, book reviews, people locator

Aviation Enthusiast Corner
Museums, aircraft locators, air shows, aviation history

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery
Info on efforts to find, save and preserve rare and historic aircraft

History Central - American Combat Aircraft of WWII
Photos and information about combat aircraft, links to aviation sites

National World War II Memorial
Info about the first national memorial dedicated to all who served in WWII

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Aircraft Information Archive (part of U.S. Army Air Forces in WWII)

U.S. Air Force Museum


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