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Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota


There are a large number of photos in our ARCHIVES.

Bob Egan Photos

  1. Members of the Bob Egan crew of the 577th Squadron of the 392nd BG upon the completion of their 25th mission against a "No Ball" target in Watten, France in March of 1945    View Photo
  2. A photocopy of the mission plan for the February 25, 1944 raid on the Furth airfield near Nurnburg, the last of "Big Week"    View Photo
  3. The full Bob Egan crew pictured in front of B-24 Poco Loco    View Photo
  4. Photocopy of a V-mail form Bob Egan used to track the 25 missions he flew from October of 1943 to March of 1944 with the 577th Squadron of the 392nd Bomb Group    View Photo
  5. Poop Deck Pappy in flight over England, manned by the Bob Egan crew
    View Photo
  6. Assistant operations officer for the 577th Squadron, Lt. Williamson, briefing co-pilot Frank Basham, bombardier Bill Gray and pilot Bob Egan prior to a mission in March of 1944    View Photo
  7. Bob Egan on the wing of a Stearman PT-17 Kaydet trainer during primary training at Douglas, Georgia in June of 1942    View Photo


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