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Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota

Our Stories

We have a very large selection of Veterans personal stories video recorded and transcribed in the ARCHIVES. Needless to say, our members are an awesome source of countless and amazing memories.

Don Kent: Shadows 2000
"A reflection on the times of
Our youth...
The memories that we each
Carry inside"
The members of the Minnesota Chapter share a comraderie that draws them together each Wednesday.

Ray Prozinski: Elusive Purple Heart
On April 17, 1945, tail gunner Prozinski earned a Purple Heart when he was wounded in action on a mission to Dresden, Germany. But it was 49 years before he actually received his award!
Dwight Olson's Story 
While co-piloting a mission, lst Lt. Olson witnesses a direct hit on a neighboring plane. Within seconds of the attack, he snaps a picture of the wounded aircraft. In dangerous enemy territory, he advises its crew not to bail out. Pictures

Bob Clemens: Survival!
June 27, 1944 - Budapest mission: Two engines out, 350 flak holes, more than 37 cannon holes, and 500 miles to go!
July 31, 1944 - Ploesti Mission
Lighter Moments

Bob Egan Remembers the Hurley Brothers
Fred and Alec Hurley were older members of Egan's B-24 crew who came to fight the war together. Crew picture included

Bob Egan: The Black Week Raid on Poland              
The Egan crew's mission to the Polish Corridor on October 9, 1943 was "long, eventful and memorable." It was a week that altered the course of the war. The Germans were not safe from our bombing anywhere!


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